Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Finally decided Im going to give this natural transition thing a go, being as I know its going to be quite some time before I even see a vial of T.

Ill be taking:
ZMA once a day
Tribulus Terrestris (with 40% saponins) (250mg) 3 times a day after each meal
Milk Thistle (175mg) once a day
Omega-3 Fish Oil twice a day after meals

I’ve missed alot of things out, mostly because I have no money and because some of the things on the supplement list didnt look all that important (though Im probably wrong). Im not taking DHEA because it looks…somewhat dodgy.

Whether it works or not I dont mind. I mean, it would be fantastic if I did notice changes, but if not then I really have nothing to lose…except the £48 I just spent. Overall, Im mainly doing this for the sense of ‘taking the first step’ that I’ve been waiting to feel for the past year.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Changes on Tribulus vs. Things That I Wish Would Change But Haven’t


I’m almost done with my second bottle of Tribulus Terretris (TT). I took the first bottle by itself, waited 3 weeks, then started a second bottle along with ZMA and DHEA. I varied up my dosage sometimes to monitor those effects. For example, one per day at night, two twice a day, etc etc. I didn’t notice any improvements over 2 a day, so that’s my dose now.


Menstruation- It’s down to 2-3 days of barely spotting. I don’t notice cramps or pain. This is one of the first things that happened, within 3 weeks of starting tribulus.

Sex drive- I had a sex drive well above average before this anyway. In the first few days of starting TT, I noticed my sex drive jumped THROUGH THE ROOF. Like I woke up extremely horny, and my orgasms were more powerful. Either this leveled off, or I just got used to being horny a lot. I am pretty much always thinking about sex.

Facial & Body hair- I grew a milk mustache, a noticeable (although scraggly) goatee. There is a sprawl of hair across my chest, and around my nipples. Leg and arm hair might be thicker than before, I’m not sure. Judging from teenage boys I have known, I’d say I have the body and facial hair of like a 14, 15 year old. 

Adam’s apple- I’m growing one.

Growth- This spiked about the end of my first bottle. I was shocked the first time I reached down and felt an actual hard on. I’m bigger. Not crazy, but it is def noticable.

Muscle- I’ve worked out only sporadically, but I feel like the little bit I’ve done is having better results than it would if I wasn’t dosing.

In General- I feel stronger and more confident. I work a physical job. Yeah, they’re actually stronger, but I feel like I keep up and hold my weight with the dudes I work with. They call me the “Macho Muchacho” at work (lol) because I’m always busting my butt. Maybe I’m overcompensating. I’m def stronger than the average person born a girl. If the guys at work ever found out, I think they would be shocked that I can work as hard as they do.

Things I WISH Would Change

Bone & Muscle Structure of my face- I want a more masculine face. With the goatee and mustache, but soft jawline, I get assumed to be MUCH younger than I am. For example, I went to apply for a library card in my town and the librarian asks “Are you over 18?” I am 29! I get carded for rated R movies. High school girls flirt with me, etc. I want to look more androgynous, slightly more masculine. I also want to look closer to my age. I’m an adult, but people everywhere treat me like a teenage boy and I can’t blame them because I do look like one.

My voice- I did a post about techniques to make your voice deeper. I use these tips, and it helps, but I am still self-conscious about my voice. I usually don’t speak unless I have to. Like I’ll smile and nod instead of agreeing, especially in passing conversations. Around people I know, like guys at work, they already know me as a dude, so I’m not so self-conscious with them. I talk more, tell jokes and stuff, but I remember to use the tips from that post. 

b00bs- I don’t necessarily identify as a guy. I like being seen and treated as male in society, but I’m comfortable having breasts around people I know, during sex, or lounging around the house. I’m very small on top and I pass in a sports bra and baggy shirt. However, I love seeing a tight t-shirt stretch across my flat chest and broad shoulders in a binder. I wish I could have boobs at home, and magically make them go away when I leave the house.

OK, that’s it.

I didn’t really work out during this time. I did push-ups and weight-lifting here and there, but I wasn’t consistent. I do work on a farm, which is physically strenuous work, so maybe that counts. Also, I’m a runner and athlete and was in good shape before this. I believe that helped.

I hope this helps some people decide whether to take tribulus or not. For me, these changes are well worth the money for Tribulus. In my opinion, Tribulus will not completely change your body, but you will make gains toward being more masculine, and that will probably make you feel happier about your body. 

Alright, gentlemen, Good Luck

Friday, November 25, 2011

Natural Transition - Day 1


I took my first dose of Tribulus today. I’m starting out with just one pill (750mg) and I think I’m going to do that for a week, to slowly introduce it into my system. Tonight, I’m going to take 2 ZMA caps. Maybe up that to 3 in a week. We’ll see how my body reacts.

I’m also starting Tony Horton’s P90 workout program today. Day 1 of that is sculpt/weight training so I’m going to be crying tomorrow, I just know it. Good thing I don’t have anything to do.

Mood today: verrrry manly. I can’t even tell you what a confidence boost it is to just be starting this. I just really hope that my motivation will stick around and that I can keep up with the workout portion of this whole thing.

So these are my vital statistics, pre-NT/P90…

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 253

Waist: 41”

Hips: 53”

Left bicep: 14.5”

Right bicep: 15”

Left thigh: 29”

Right thigh: 27.5” (help, I’m uneven!)

Right/left calf: 16.5”

“Downstairs”: .75” (sad, right?)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

IT’S WORKING!!! (Tribulus Changes)


Ok, so I went out on a limb when I decided to start taking Tribulus and ZMA. I suck at taking the ZMA because you’re supposed to take it before bed and I don’t sleep regularly, so I never remember to take it or sleep long enough to do so. But I take the Tribulus pretty regularly, anywhere between 1000 and 2000 mg per day. I’ve noticed small changes, but you know I’m extra critical of the situation. 

Tonight, my BFF (who now lives 120 miles away from me) mentions something about how my jaw is more defined and my face looks a lot more masculine… not major but definitely noticeable, she says. And then she goes on to tell me that my voice is different, too. She says, again, it’s not drastic, but it’s definitely dropped. She noticed it the other day on the phone and meant to say something. 

=) Night made. Life made. I’m not a big fan of medical intervention, so if I can keep getting results this way, (possibly with the addition of other NT supplements), I’m gonna keep it up. 

The best part is, it was unsolicited mention. I didn’t ask. She just brought it up. I’m stoked. 

Now, I just have to face the reality of letting my family in on the situation because I’m sure they’re noticing too. Sigh. In time. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

TransQueer Nation Supplements and info

Here is all the information that used to be up on TransQueer Nation before they took it down to sell it in a book instead.

Please be aware that this is a MASSIVE supplement list, think about whether you want to be putting all that stuff into your body. And have a look through this blog, particularly my tribulus and DHEA tag. You’ll see that lots of people have had results with just taking tribulus, DHEA or a combination of the two.

So here it is… 

Read More

Thursday, November 17, 2011

'Natural' Transitioning & Other Updates.


Its Jet again. :-) I’ve been using DHEA, ZMA and Tribulus for a natural transitioning process for about 5 weeks now. I’ve coupled it with lots of working out and changed my diet a little bit.

I’ve so far noticed that my skin has gotten crazy oily. I had oily skin to begin with, but christ almighty, its like tripled. I never get pimples on my face, but I do tend to get oil spots on my face. For the first time ever, I had two at one time a few days ago. I noticed that my stomach and chest has gotten a small and hardly noticable (except to me) layer of hair. I’ve got a little ‘happy trail’ starting out though that is significantly darker than the hair I just mentioned and a bit longer and definitely noticable. I’ve been shaving it a bit in hopes that it’ll grow in a little thicker/darker/longer. I’ll probably stop doing that this week and let it grow to see what I’m working with. Also, I’m already in the adult industry, and my sex drive is- well, never ending. But my sex drive as well has taken a significant boost. Trust me, I’m not complaining. But my girlfriend says its ‘a little much’. Probably only because she’s not getting much sleep now because of it. (Sorry babe.) I haven’t noticed much of a change in my mood. I have noticed my voice has dropped a little bit, plus gotten a little more hoarse. The only other person who has so far noticed it was my girlfriend. I haven’t seen too much muscle, but I have lost 8 pounds and feel much stronger. Before taking supplements I did a minimal amount of working out, but 5 weeks ago I started weight training and cardio. I started lifting weights at 20 pounds (each arm) with bicep curls and such (of the many other workouts), but two weeks into that, I was going out to buy more weights. At this point I’m doing bicep curls with each arm with 55 pounds. I feel like the supplements have definitely helped gain muscle and become stronger much faster than if I wasn’t taking them. I eat more now too. I mean, I ate a lot before, but now I eat a noticable amount more. I also have much more energy. This may sound random, but my laugh has changed a bit. Its not so feminine, plus has (if this makes any sense) has dropped a noticable amount. My feet have hair on the tops of them, just a little bit. A noticable amount. A few of my toes also have gotten a noticable amount of hair on them. I sweat a lot more now too. My sweat used to never smell. Now my b.o. definitely smells manly.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I’m gonna try to gain 10 pounds and put muscle on in my shoulders and arms.

I’ve been drinking So Much milk and popping ZMA and tribulus like candy, but not really working out, besides randomly doing push ups. I’m active around the farm, so I feel stronger, but I want to look bigger in t-shirts…

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Surprising Result

I’ve been taking tribulus for a few months actually, before I even knew it could be used for transition. But for a month know I’ve been making efforts at “natural transition”. If you can call it that…
I somewhat feel like I’m cheating, I was taking something that I’ve had to go off recently, for about 3 weeks, and I may attribute most of my results to that. With how quickly I had results I’m not surprised I had to go off of it.
Because of stomach issues I’ve had to lessen the amount of supplements I’m taking, at least until I can get an Upper GI done to check for ulcers (pre-existing problem not related to transition). So I’m no longer taking tribulus, bee pollen, or royal jelly.
Where I feel like I might be cheating is that I was able to get my doctor to agree to monitor me, taking prescription medication. (in all technicality, I got them legally, since the company physician writes a prescription for what you order). At this point I’m just trying to play “keep up” with the progress I had before. So I’m taking Tamoxifen once a week, and Clomiphene once a month. I’m also keeping up with 25mg DHEA twice a week.
On the three weeks when I started on the other stuff, I had quick results, too quick really. Within a week my voice was changing and I started having downstairs growth soon after that. It’s almost a month now, and three days off the unspeakable god medicine.
My results so far:
My voice is entirely passable, couldn’t hit a high note if I tried. And my adam’s apple is starting to show.
I haven’t actually measured, but I can say that my downstairs area has almost doubled in size.
And my libido, which was fairly high even before, is through the roof. The wrong graze against my packer and I’m stuck feeling “awkward” in class.

I can’t say much for my figure. I got a compliment from my friend that I looked like I’d toned up. I’m only doing home workouts at this point. I have a bar for lifts, arm and ankle weights, and an Advanced Body System with an exercise ball. We have a Recreational center on campus, with all the facilities you get paying a huge membership fee for a gym plus a doctor’s office, but I’m still nervous about using the men’s locker room… It’s a little different from the bathroom…
But as far as a shift in my figure or loss of fat around the chest area, I think I’m noticing some, but I was pretty small to begin with. I originally started working out to gain weight (up to 116 lbs from a starting 95 lbs).
I have started avoiding foods known to have xenoestrogen preservatives, and started eating testosterone boosting foods, snacking on celery, avocado, dried figs, and peanuts whenever I can. Now that I’ve got some results I feel less distracted by transition, and able to get a lot more school work done. So, other than unrelated stomach problems, I’m doing really well. First post so far, but I’ll post again when month two rolls around.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Starting Natural Transition: Day 1

Now that my parents seem to be more accepting of me, I have decided to start natural transition. My parents allowed me to get the supplements and they were relatively cheap off Amazon.


100mg DHEA

750mg Tribulus

600mg Calicum

1 Centrium multi-vitamin

Starting stats:



12% body fat (my scale may be off about this, but I will use it to generally analyze my body fat)

Unmentionables: .5”

I will post updates here and on my main blog:


Ask me on my main blog if you have any questions.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Increase Testosterone Without Hormones

I’ve been following “natural transition” and seeing results which make me very pleased. All the usual benefits: increased energy, crazy sex drive, more muscle tone. I feel stronger. i have a straggly goatee and visible mustache already.
I pass easily 80%+ of the time. Like in conversations or entire interactions with people I meet.
at this point, I don’t think I’m interested in synthetic testosterone. I can get where I want from supplements and exercise. it will take more effort on my part, but I’m one of those people that likes to work for what I have.