Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Since it’s TMI Tuesday…


Just thought I’d let y’all know that after less than three weeks with taking Tribulus and ZMA, my dick has grown a quarter of an inch. I think that’s pretty damn good.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Two weeks with NT


Seems that my voice drop was due to congestion, rather than the Trib. Downstairs appears to have grown, though I haven’t measured and I don’t really want to and be proven wrong.

And though I haven’t lost any weight, it has shifted somewhat. I have always had very prominent “lovehandles,” but I am now noticing they’re not as big.

Unrelated: I got my blood work done on Wednesday, and also called a gender therapist that my doc referred me to. So hopefully things will get rolling next week now that Thanksgiving is over.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

new supliments and update on DHEA


So, i’ve been on the DHEA for 39 days today. I’ve been working out constantly, but mildly.  I’ve just been dropping where i stand and doing pushups, crunches, squats, jumping up and doing half-assed chin-ups (though i’m getting better) stretching, and going to the gym and doing cardio from time to time. 

I’ve definately noticed some changes:

-My voice has unquestionably dropped, as i can sing songs in a lower register than i could before. 
-My face is growing thicker peach fuzz, but no real hairs. 
-I may be growing a BIT more hair downstairs, but that remains to be determined. 
-The hair in my pits has definately grown out by about 1/2 cm, because it was as long as it was going to get (it hadn’t grown in about 3 months, prior to me starting the DHEA). 
-I measured my stats about a week in on the DHEA, and again now, and my body seems to be redistributing the weight around, but i don’t know how to credit that: DHEA or exercise, but my hip/waist ratio is a little less curvy, by about .5 of an inch.  I also took pics last night, and will take another set in a month.  Not posting these until i have a set to compare them to.

I see all these NT men going on Tribulus and on ZMA, and im getting paid tomorrow, so i went ahead and got both of these supliments as well.  I don’t know at what point i’ll be taking them, but i ordered them tonight.  I’m on 200mg of DHEA daily now, as i have been for the last 10 days, 100 twice a day.  They recommend no more than 300/day as the max dose.  I think if i start the trib, i’ll drop down the DHEA.  I’ll post what i end up doing.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Changes on Tribulus vs. Things That I Wish Would Change But Haven’t


I’m almost done with my second bottle of Tribulus Terretris (TT). I took the first bottle by itself, waited 3 weeks, then started a second bottle along with ZMA and DHEA. I varied up my dosage sometimes to monitor those effects. For example, one per day at night, two twice a day, etc etc. I didn’t notice any improvements over 2 a day, so that’s my dose now.


Menstruation- It’s down to 2-3 days of barely spotting. I don’t notice cramps or pain. This is one of the first things that happened, within 3 weeks of starting tribulus.

Sex drive- I had a sex drive well above average before this anyway. In the first few days of starting TT, I noticed my sex drive jumped THROUGH THE ROOF. Like I woke up extremely horny, and my orgasms were more powerful. Either this leveled off, or I just got used to being horny a lot. I am pretty much always thinking about sex.

Facial & Body hair- I grew a milk mustache, a noticeable (although scraggly) goatee. There is a sprawl of hair across my chest, and around my nipples. Leg and arm hair might be thicker than before, I’m not sure. Judging from teenage boys I have known, I’d say I have the body and facial hair of like a 14, 15 year old. 

Adam’s apple- I’m growing one.

Growth- This spiked about the end of my first bottle. I was shocked the first time I reached down and felt an actual hard on. I’m bigger. Not crazy, but it is def noticable.

Muscle- I’ve worked out only sporadically, but I feel like the little bit I’ve done is having better results than it would if I wasn’t dosing.

In General- I feel stronger and more confident. I work a physical job. Yeah, they’re actually stronger, but I feel like I keep up and hold my weight with the dudes I work with. They call me the “Macho Muchacho” at work (lol) because I’m always busting my butt. Maybe I’m overcompensating. I’m def stronger than the average person born a girl. If the guys at work ever found out, I think they would be shocked that I can work as hard as they do.

Things I WISH Would Change

Bone & Muscle Structure of my face- I want a more masculine face. With the goatee and mustache, but soft jawline, I get assumed to be MUCH younger than I am. For example, I went to apply for a library card in my town and the librarian asks “Are you over 18?” I am 29! I get carded for rated R movies. High school girls flirt with me, etc. I want to look more androgynous, slightly more masculine. I also want to look closer to my age. I’m an adult, but people everywhere treat me like a teenage boy and I can’t blame them because I do look like one.

My voice- I did a post about techniques to make your voice deeper. I use these tips, and it helps, but I am still self-conscious about my voice. I usually don’t speak unless I have to. Like I’ll smile and nod instead of agreeing, especially in passing conversations. Around people I know, like guys at work, they already know me as a dude, so I’m not so self-conscious with them. I talk more, tell jokes and stuff, but I remember to use the tips from that post. 

b00bs- I don’t necessarily identify as a guy. I like being seen and treated as male in society, but I’m comfortable having breasts around people I know, during sex, or lounging around the house. I’m very small on top and I pass in a sports bra and baggy shirt. However, I love seeing a tight t-shirt stretch across my flat chest and broad shoulders in a binder. I wish I could have boobs at home, and magically make them go away when I leave the house.

OK, that’s it.

I didn’t really work out during this time. I did push-ups and weight-lifting here and there, but I wasn’t consistent. I do work on a farm, which is physically strenuous work, so maybe that counts. Also, I’m a runner and athlete and was in good shape before this. I believe that helped.

I hope this helps some people decide whether to take tribulus or not. For me, these changes are well worth the money for Tribulus. In my opinion, Tribulus will not completely change your body, but you will make gains toward being more masculine, and that will probably make you feel happier about your body. 

Alright, gentlemen, Good Luck

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Surprising Result

I’ve been taking tribulus for a few months actually, before I even knew it could be used for transition. But for a month know I’ve been making efforts at “natural transition”. If you can call it that…
I somewhat feel like I’m cheating, I was taking something that I’ve had to go off recently, for about 3 weeks, and I may attribute most of my results to that. With how quickly I had results I’m not surprised I had to go off of it.
Because of stomach issues I’ve had to lessen the amount of supplements I’m taking, at least until I can get an Upper GI done to check for ulcers (pre-existing problem not related to transition). So I’m no longer taking tribulus, bee pollen, or royal jelly.
Where I feel like I might be cheating is that I was able to get my doctor to agree to monitor me, taking prescription medication. (in all technicality, I got them legally, since the company physician writes a prescription for what you order). At this point I’m just trying to play “keep up” with the progress I had before. So I’m taking Tamoxifen once a week, and Clomiphene once a month. I’m also keeping up with 25mg DHEA twice a week.
On the three weeks when I started on the other stuff, I had quick results, too quick really. Within a week my voice was changing and I started having downstairs growth soon after that. It’s almost a month now, and three days off the unspeakable god medicine.
My results so far:
My voice is entirely passable, couldn’t hit a high note if I tried. And my adam’s apple is starting to show.
I haven’t actually measured, but I can say that my downstairs area has almost doubled in size.
And my libido, which was fairly high even before, is through the roof. The wrong graze against my packer and I’m stuck feeling “awkward” in class.

I can’t say much for my figure. I got a compliment from my friend that I looked like I’d toned up. I’m only doing home workouts at this point. I have a bar for lifts, arm and ankle weights, and an Advanced Body System with an exercise ball. We have a Recreational center on campus, with all the facilities you get paying a huge membership fee for a gym plus a doctor’s office, but I’m still nervous about using the men’s locker room… It’s a little different from the bathroom…
But as far as a shift in my figure or loss of fat around the chest area, I think I’m noticing some, but I was pretty small to begin with. I originally started working out to gain weight (up to 116 lbs from a starting 95 lbs).
I have started avoiding foods known to have xenoestrogen preservatives, and started eating testosterone boosting foods, snacking on celery, avocado, dried figs, and peanuts whenever I can. Now that I’ve got some results I feel less distracted by transition, and able to get a lot more school work done. So, other than unrelated stomach problems, I’m doing really well. First post so far, but I’ll post again when month two rolls around.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

26 Days. I think?


I believe its been about 26 days or so that I’ve been doing NT. I could be wrong. Either way its very close to that. I have more updates!

I have officially lost like 6 or 7 pounds. It looks like more than that though, I believe its been just about all fat and I haven’t been losing muscle. Sweet.

Muscle gain. I have DEFINITELY gained muscle, especially in my upper body. Like my bi’s, tri’s and shoulders look way better. My arms fill out shirt sleeves that they didn’t before and I look much broader overall. I haven’t really been focusing on upperbody any more than anything else, so this is pretty cool.

Junk Growth. Definitely. I wasn’t sure at first, but its definitely moderately bigger.

Hair. Some sprinklings on my belly. Obviously such things take a while to grow in, but I can definitely tell there are more hairs coming up.

I’ve also been getting sir’ed a lot more the past few days. My girlfriend says its probably because I have broader shoulders and my face is thinning up, but either way its pretty cool.

So yeah, this is pretty cool. No major shitty side effects. I feel like I have more energy overall. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Natural Transition - Summary of Changes


Natural transition (NT) is an alternative to taking exogenous testosterone (injectable T). I chose to do NT for the past 15 weeks because I was unable to take T and I needed some changes to occur to ease dysphoria. I figured I might as well try it since I didn’t have anything to lose. Now that I started T, I will no longer continue the full regimen of natural transition.

For NT, I did resistance training 2-4 times a week and took the following supplements on a daily basis:

  • 100 mg of DHEA
  • 2000mg of Tribulus (40%+ saponins)
  • 1500mg of L-Carnitine
  • 1500mg of ZMA
  • 500mg of Creatine pre-workout

I realize I could’ve followed a clean(er) eating diet as well as eat testosterone-boosting foods, but I opted not to. There are also additional supplements I could’ve taken, but I feel as if the ones I took sufficed. I will continue taking the l-carnitine and the creatine but stopping the other ones.

I’ve most definitely experiences many changes since starting NT. Here’s a list of them:

  • Hair: I am definitely hairier than I used to be. My arms are slightly hairier; my pits are more dense and longer. My legs have more hair (my knees are covered in hair now) and the hair is significantly longer. I can grow a pretty gnarly looking dirt lip. My cheeks and sideburns are fuzzier with slightly longer hairs, but they are not visible. You can feel the sideburns though.
  • Muscle: My muscle mass has gone up. I have significantly more muscles in my shoulders, chest, arms and abs. Weightlifting definitely contributed to this, but I’ve grown way more muscle in a shorter period of time than before so the supplements must be contributing.
  • Voice: My voice is very slightly deeper and raspier than before. I can hit lower notes more easily and higher notes are much harder to hit.
  • Sex drive: My sex drive has gone up. I had a high one to begin with and my masturbating habits have not changed.
  • Dick (clit) growth: I grew to about 1 1/8 to 1 1/4 inches long. I don’t know what my original size was other than teeny-tiny. I ain’t complaining. :}
  • Period: Cycles went from 19 days to 22-25 days. Menstruation lasts anywhere from 2 to 5 days and the flow varies vastly from light to heavy.
  • Mood and energy: Nothing that seemed different from day-to-day variance prior to starting NT.
  • Sweat: I am a fountain of sweat. I sweat from my crotch now which is very unpleasant. Beads of sweat easily form on my face.
  • Acne: Much more prone to getting an occasional pimple (or multiple ones at once!). It seems to be worse around my period which is typical for me.
Wednesday, October 5, 2011

9 Days into Naturally Transitioning


I am a pre-T, pre-surgery transman. Sometimes I fool around on Tumblr and read the blogs of guys on T or natrually transitioning, so I’ve decided to actually start posting shit about my experience transitioning naturally while I wait to start T, since I haven’t yet started therapy, this could be a while, 6 months on the short side of things.

For those of you not in the know, natural transitioning is essentially a combination of diet, exercise and supplements designed to increase your body’s natural T levels. You can read all about it on Tristan Skye is the dude who’s behind it. Check it out.

Anywho, from what I’ve seen, most guys don’t take all the supps that Tristan reccomends and don’t get awesome results because of that. I’m am taking the full list he suggests. So maybe I can provide a better source of whether or not the NT program works?

Currently I have been taking the supps and eating well and working out for 9 days. Things I’ve noticed:

ACNE!!! I’ve hardly gotten acne since I’ve been a freshman in high school (I’m currently a sophomore at UNC Chapel Hill) but I’ve been breaking out along my jawline for some reason. Its not normal for me so I’m hoping its because of the supps I’m taking. I’ve been really good about washing my face a lot and I can only imagine what it’d be if I wasn’t.

Body Hair! Don’t get too excited, its only been a little over a week, but I have noticed some (maybe 4-8 range?) darker hairs emerging on my tummy. I suppose it might just be that I’m looking for them more now and nothing has really changed that much? I’ll keep you guys updated.

Sweat! I feel like I’m sweating more now. Weird, I know.

Strength! Possibly a placebo effect from just taking the supps, but I feel like I’m lifting more than I should be able to after not working out all summer. I feel like a fucking beast.

Weightloss- I’ve lost about 2 pounds (while not strictly dieting I might add, just eating cleaner).

Junk Growth- My girlfriend says its slightly bigger, she could just be saying that to make me feel awesome, but my little man does seem to be growing very slightly.

Increased Libido-I’ve always been a horny mofo, but much more so lately. This could also be placebo.

What I’m taking:

1 Multivitamin- Just for general health in the morning after breakfast

3 Fish Oil- Also general health in the morning after breakfast, after lunch and before bed.

3 Tribulus Complex- Includes Tribulus, Horny Goat Weed (I forget the scientific name), Ginkgo, and Maca. All of these are natural, herbal T boosters. I take one after breakfast and lunch, and one before bed.

1 Milk Thistle- Great for your liver’s health, as I am taking a lot of pills. Taken after lunch.

1 Dandelion- Kidney health, same as Milk Thistle.

3 ZMA- Taken before bed to sleep better and these are also great T boosters. Zinc is awesome for boosting your T levels.

2 Lipo 6- A general fat burner to help me slim down. Body fat produces estrogen. Taken one after lunch and breakfast.

25 mg DHEA- This is what I think is probably causing my acne. Its supposed to be pretty potent. Its supposedly awesome for T boosting. 1 25mg capsule before bed.

Hopefully this helps a few transguys out there who are debating NT and I’ll keep you guys posted!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Tribulus for 5 and a half months - an evaluation

I’ve started taking testosterone so I will no longer be writing about my changes on tribulus. I will post something in a couple of days about the future of this blog, but for now here is an evaluation of my experience.

Why did I decide to take Tribulus?

I started taking tribulus because I was tired of waiting. I kept having my gender clinic appointments postponed and I wanted to take things into my own hands. When I first started, I didn’t really expect to see changes. I just wanted to feel like I was doing something, anything, to feel more comfortable in my body.

I made some other changes too…

It wasn’t just about swallowing pills. I also intensified my weight lifting, pushing myself harder. I changed my diet too, eating very clean and healthy and increasing my foods that would boost my testosterone as well as eating plenty of things that were high in iron and zinc.


I started out by just taking the recommended dose on the bottle, which was 750mg. I soon discovered that most people seemed to take more and as I wasn’t having any nasty side effects I decided to up my dose to 1290mg after three weeks. As I found cheaper sources to buy tribulus I gradually increased my dose up to 2500mg of tribulus that was 90% sapponins.

Changes changes changes


Pretty early on my face got covered in “peach fuzz” hair. It’s on the back of my neck too. Around week seven I got a few bits of stubble that were the same colour as the hair on my head, I shaved them off and they never grew back! It was sad.

Just the last month or so my calves have gotten noticeably hairier. There was always these patches where it wouldn’t grow, I can remember being sad about it back in my early teens even. But now my calves are pretty covered which is awesome. The tops of my thighs have had dark hairs coming in the last month or so as well.

Also in the last month my happy trail has grown and gotten darker, it’s not much but still worth mentioning.

Arm hair - more of that but not loads.

My hair line has receded slightly, I noticed that about a month and a half ago. Watch out over the next couple of days and I will post a picture of it.


My cycle has gotten longer, but it never went away. I got really into pain killers the last few months so I can’t really comment on whether the pain has been any less bad


It’s been quite consistently croaky. When singing I find it harder to access higher notes. It took me a while to notice as I’m a bit of a flaming fag and squeal and speak in quite a high voice a lot of the time, but the voice changes have really helped me “pass” when I’ve wanted to. I’ve been “passing” on the phone quite a bit. I’ll post some voice samples over the next couple of days

Downstairs Growth

This became noticeable around week 7. It’s not grown loads, but it’s really noticeable. It seems like it grew quite a bit in the 2nd and 3rd months, and then not much after that. I pumped a bit as well which I think increased the growth. It helped relieve my dysphoria slightly, if nothing else.

Muscle Growth

Well I sure have bulked out, and I love the way my body has changed. I feel so much more at home in my body now. I can’t say how much of it is down to the tribulus and how much is to do with working out. But I would definitely recommend weight training, I’m sure gonna stick at it.


No more tribulus…

I’m definitely glad to not be having to swallow all those pills every day, but there is a part of me that is sad to not be continuing on this path. I feel like there is so little information out there about it, and it felt great to actively be putting stuff out there so other people could find out about it. If I was more patient, I would stick with it, maybe have started on the DHEA to speed things up a bit. But I am so glad I did it, it has made these past months so much more bearable.

I don’t plan on being on T forever, and I’m really interested in seeing what these supplements can do for me when I stop. If I’ll be able to maintain some of “not permanent” effect of taking testosterone.

If anyone is interested I will be blogging a bit about my changes on T over on my personal blog - I’m taking a relatively low dose of testogel (transdermal testosterone) and will probably be updating every couple of weeks. I’m interested to see if taking tribulus will speed up my changes. I’m still not sure if it is 100% the right thing for me to do so I’ll probably be talking about that a bit too.

Well it’s been a good 5 and a half months! I hope this blog will keep on going, I’ll be writing about that soon…