Friday, December 23, 2011


1 Month old today! haha! 1 month NT updates, changes, &c Oh! And I forgot to say, tomorrow morning I am actually going to the doctor to get my hormone levels read. I’ll update when I know the results of that to see if my T levels are higher than they “should be”. One more edit, this shit has given me a lotta acne… One of the downsides 

For those that wanna know, I’ve been taking:

1000 MB Tribulus (40% Saponins)

50 MG DHEA (cycling off soon)

Cal-Complete suplement

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin B-12

Protein Shake


Sunday, December 18, 2011



OK. Soooo, I haven’t really been on in a few days. It’s been kinda hectic, but many good things have happened.

Nov. 18 I started Tribulus, (so much thanks to Kris getting them for me!) and will be doing “natural transition” until I’m 18. I’m sososoosos happy for this, since it’s all I can do for my transition. It will do what I need until I can start shots, and it will help with my dysphoria a lot. I even started into a weight training class at school to help build my muscles, and so I won’t have to pay for a gym membership right now (considering I’m jobless). The tablets are a 1,000 mg each, and I take them every day before going to bed, along with other vitamins. 

ALSO, Cait and I had a super Tumblr meet and even though we saw creepers, and didn’t sleep. It was amazing. And I was so sad for her to leave. :c (CAIT. COME BACK SOON).

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Today issss one week on Tribulus. :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

For those of you who say that tribulus doesn’t work…


It does. Just sayin’, maybe it doesn’t work on EVERYBODY but it does work.

I’ve been on it for around 11 months, nearly a year now. First at 250 mg a day, then 500, then 1000, and now 750. It very much does work.

The only reason a lot of guys say it doesn’t is because they’re on it for a week and because their voice isn’t deep yet they give up. If you wanna get results in anything in life you have to stick with it, not back off after five minutes of trying.

You also need to exercise, this isn’t a magic pill. But yeah I can vouch for it’s functionality. ALSO do remember to take milk thistle, when your liver converts things to testosterone it really wears itself out and milk thistle can help that. Don’t forget.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


For that anon who wanted to see a video to keep an eye on any changes from Trib. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

new supliments and update on DHEA


So, i’ve been on the DHEA for 39 days today. I’ve been working out constantly, but mildly.  I’ve just been dropping where i stand and doing pushups, crunches, squats, jumping up and doing half-assed chin-ups (though i’m getting better) stretching, and going to the gym and doing cardio from time to time. 

I’ve definately noticed some changes:

-My voice has unquestionably dropped, as i can sing songs in a lower register than i could before. 
-My face is growing thicker peach fuzz, but no real hairs. 
-I may be growing a BIT more hair downstairs, but that remains to be determined. 
-The hair in my pits has definately grown out by about 1/2 cm, because it was as long as it was going to get (it hadn’t grown in about 3 months, prior to me starting the DHEA). 
-I measured my stats about a week in on the DHEA, and again now, and my body seems to be redistributing the weight around, but i don’t know how to credit that: DHEA or exercise, but my hip/waist ratio is a little less curvy, by about .5 of an inch.  I also took pics last night, and will take another set in a month.  Not posting these until i have a set to compare them to.

I see all these NT men going on Tribulus and on ZMA, and im getting paid tomorrow, so i went ahead and got both of these supliments as well.  I don’t know at what point i’ll be taking them, but i ordered them tonight.  I’m on 200mg of DHEA daily now, as i have been for the last 10 days, 100 twice a day.  They recommend no more than 300/day as the max dose.  I think if i start the trib, i’ll drop down the DHEA.  I’ll post what i end up doing.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DHEA update


So about 3 days ago i noticed some hoarseness in my voice, and i kinda thought i was getting sick.  No sore throat ever appeared, no other symptoms, just this hoarseness.  I’ve gotten called sir 2x- once in the drive through- which never happens, and i got refused beer because my ID has my legal name and an old photo, and i was dressed as myself.  I am thinking this has to do with my recent increase in the DHEA.  I hope so, at least!  I was watching a video i did for the 30 day challenge, and i noticed i had a bit of an adams apple, and i wonder how long that’s been there…

So i’m up to 200mg a day.  100 in the morning, 100 in the evening, with a meal each.  I’m still getting headaches with them, but the hot flashes and mood swings and things like that have completely gone away after about 100/day.  the headaches start going away after about a week with any dose increase, for me. 

I’m also definitely getting more peach fuzz on my upper lip and side burn areas.  I shaved it all off on Samhain (oct 31) for no shave November, so i could see how it would grow in… but i’ll post a pic at the end of nov. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Natural Transition - Day 1


I took my first dose of Tribulus today. I’m starting out with just one pill (750mg) and I think I’m going to do that for a week, to slowly introduce it into my system. Tonight, I’m going to take 2 ZMA caps. Maybe up that to 3 in a week. We’ll see how my body reacts.

I’m also starting Tony Horton’s P90 workout program today. Day 1 of that is sculpt/weight training so I’m going to be crying tomorrow, I just know it. Good thing I don’t have anything to do.

Mood today: verrrry manly. I can’t even tell you what a confidence boost it is to just be starting this. I just really hope that my motivation will stick around and that I can keep up with the workout portion of this whole thing.

So these are my vital statistics, pre-NT/P90…

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 253

Waist: 41”

Hips: 53”

Left bicep: 14.5”

Right bicep: 15”

Left thigh: 29”

Right thigh: 27.5” (help, I’m uneven!)

Right/left calf: 16.5”

“Downstairs”: .75” (sad, right?)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DHEA update (not so sleepy)


so, i was exhausted from work when i posted that last update: so here’s the rundown of what i meant to post: 

Now i’ve increased to 50mg three times a day (or 100 in the am, and 50 at night, depending on my day’s schedule)

It delayed but didn’t stop the onset of my period.  it doesn’t seem any lighter so far, but i’ll keep you updated.

It is definitely helping to thicken the peach fuzz that’s on my face, but i’m a really, really hairless person naturally, so we’ll see where it goes.  i shaved my face on oct 31, so we can see what november brings.

Even with the dose increase- the headaches are minor, much less than when i first started, and also not constant or even daily.  i got one the first day i increased the dose, and occasionally will get one that lasts a couple hours after i take the pill.

The sweats and hot flashes are gone.  but i have noticed i seem to smell more musky, which, to be honest- is kinda hot. 

haven’t noticed  any other changes, and we’re about 3 weeks in now. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

IT’S WORKING!!! (Tribulus Changes)


Ok, so I went out on a limb when I decided to start taking Tribulus and ZMA. I suck at taking the ZMA because you’re supposed to take it before bed and I don’t sleep regularly, so I never remember to take it or sleep long enough to do so. But I take the Tribulus pretty regularly, anywhere between 1000 and 2000 mg per day. I’ve noticed small changes, but you know I’m extra critical of the situation. 

Tonight, my BFF (who now lives 120 miles away from me) mentions something about how my jaw is more defined and my face looks a lot more masculine… not major but definitely noticeable, she says. And then she goes on to tell me that my voice is different, too. She says, again, it’s not drastic, but it’s definitely dropped. She noticed it the other day on the phone and meant to say something. 

=) Night made. Life made. I’m not a big fan of medical intervention, so if I can keep getting results this way, (possibly with the addition of other NT supplements), I’m gonna keep it up. 

The best part is, it was unsolicited mention. I didn’t ask. She just brought it up. I’m stoked. 

Now, I just have to face the reality of letting my family in on the situation because I’m sure they’re noticing too. Sigh. In time.