Monday, July 11, 2011

starting up tribulus again


750 mg as opposed to the 1500 i was taking beforehand

i figure i’m halfway through my antibiotic regimen and i am seriously getting demoralized by the lack of libido so why the hell not

funny how something as nonessential to me as sex drive has such a big impact on my mental state

i mean seriously

who am i going to screw besides mssr. palm

Monday, June 27, 2011

42 days on tribulus


A Very Good Number Might I Add

my throat is hellaciously scratchy and i keep trying to clear it but i think it’s going to lower a little bit more soon

which owns

also noticing more body smell changes, like my sweat and uh

nether regions

are kind of changing to a more manly scent than what i’m used to and it pretty much kicks all kinds of ass

my appetite is through the roof and i am eating pretty much anything that’s stupid enough to get within arm’s reach but i’m actually losing weight and need to buy new jeans again because my newest ones are sagging off my ass already

my belly- i’ve always had kind of a pot belly just due to being a fat kid- is not quite shrinking but it’s looking more and more like just loose skin that will eventually need a tummy tuck

(i lost about 80 pounds a while back and now i’m dropping even more weight so uh that’s gonna be interesting seeing actual like muscles and stuff, like this morning i noticed my shoulders are shoulderier and i have actual collarbones)

today though my energy level was complete shit for some reason and i’m not entirely sure why but i had like the hardest time staying awake

Saturday, June 25, 2011

38 days on tribulus


time to update 85 people i barely know on the status of my dick

(sup my followers, just fyi i’m trans and taking an herbal supplement that supposedly boosts testosterone levels and documenting what goes on)

welp i am currently staring it down and it’s kinda

peepin up at me

which is a first

like it’s just hangin’ out down there chillin’ and doing its thing

only marginally larger than it used to be

also: sex dreams are like through the roof, holy shit, like

you just don’t even know, god DAMN it’s like every night now there’s hot naked dudes running through my dreams

in a word:


Friday, June 17, 2011

33 and 34 days on tribulus


so yesterday my pills came in the mail and mom intercepted them and asked me what they were for

so i uh

lied my ass off

ANYHOW still fiddling with voice, still noticing hair

haven’t seen much dick growth as of yet

but then again the constant secret boners must be doing something

honestly that is the best thing about being a transdude, even when i’m walking around with the world’s worst hardon nobody knows and i never get made fun of cos i have the secretest boner in the world

Friday, June 10, 2011 Monday, June 6, 2011

27 days on tribulus



okay so i was singin along in choir as you do and all of a sudden my voice did a huge weird thing and suddenly i could hit a few steps lower without sounding like a bullfrog

and then later on i was talking with mom and my voice did a huge major crack like OUTTA FUCKIN NOWHERE

my voice

is on crack

it owns

Thursday, June 2, 2011

18, 19, 20, 21 days on tribulus


hokay so i had like no electricity for a while and then no internet so uh have a bunch of update:

period ended really abruptly as opposed to dragging its sorry ass out for all fucking week

i now have bacne (sux)

my neck is noticeably thicker (rulz)

my shoulders actually look like shoulders

actually having to shave because my peach fuzz is coming in darker albeit only barely visibly but hey i have legit smallish sideburns now to almost the bottom of my ears

got a hella tickly throat but only the rarest of cracks tho i can sing along to johnny cash now and only fuck up his lowest of notes so i let out the lilest woot and did a dance on I-84 on the way home today and nearly wound up broadsiding some motherfucker in a camaro


oh and i cut my hair idk if i told tumblr that

gettin sirred on a more regular basis now too but everyone talks down to me now cos they think i’m 14 or some shit but hey better than being treated like a girl i guess

Tea tree soap works wonders on acne :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

16 and 17 days on tribulus


well i cut my hair today and shaving under my sideburns was Quite A Challenge, what normally is wispy fine stuff was all like “hi imma make you look like wolverine now” so That Was A Trial

seriously though dudes, don’t trust the hype, more blades on your razor makes it harder to clean out between strokes- i have a mach 3 and a quattro and i tend to stick with either the mach 3 or a cheapo bic

Red Tide is still much less than usual, hooray

also: unrelated to tribulus but seriously, learn to cut your own hair.  you will save a fortune in both money and angst because most hair people i’ve been to insist on girling me up and Lose Out On Tips as a consequence

sure it’s awkward as hell and the first couple times will probably be hack jobs but that’s pretty normal for a lot of haircuts you pay for, too

look at most cis dudes, their hair isn’t exactly fashion plate worthy

Saturday, May 21, 2011

10 and 11 days on tribulus


okay so uh

i have something growing out of my chin that looks like a wayward pube

also my voice did a crack today but try as i might i can’t make it happen again so sorry if you want to hear it you are just going to have to imagine in your heart of hearts what it sounded like