Where to buy Tribulus

This list is a work in progress, we welcome information about buying tribulus in ANY country, both online and offline.

Make sure when you are buying tribulus to check out how many mg are in each capsule. This is important so you’re getting the best value for money. I started on 750mg and gradually worked my way up to 2500mg when I noticed no adverse side effects.

Make sure your tribulus is standarised to at least 40% sapponins otherwise it won’t do anything. Apparently, the stronger the better.

It is advised to consult your GP before starting to take these supplement although it is not compulsary.


The cheapest place I’ve found is at pro-body. They have a good range of amounts you can buy it in as well as a choice of different sapponins.

You can also find it on ebay for cheaper, although I’m not sure how much I trust the authenticity of some of the sources.

It’s available at the chainstore Holland and Barrett, which you can find in most cities and big towns. Find out where your nearest store is here.

You can also find it at Body Building Supplement stores, look on google to see where if there is one near you.


This Vitamin Shoppe has been recommended to buy from, particularly this brand.
This site has an age restriction, would really appreciate a link to a USA based store that doesn’t have restrictions.

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